Planning provides you with essential building blocks whilst giving staff a common understanding of what is to be achieved and how.

Amber provides a systematic, user-friendly process with advice. She can explain the process and involve staff to ensure everyone becomes an active part of the project. Amber's strategies are realistic to help you reach your financial goals, grow and - importantly - sustain income.

Alchemy Fundraising Consultancy will provide a balanced strategy containing:

  • Aim and objectives covering the strategic period.

  • A full or partial audit including SWOT and other industry standard analyses.

  • Cases for support.

  • Plans for all relevant fundraising disciplines to mitigate financial risk.

  • Realistic recommendations based on the resources you have available.

Amber can also help with:
  • Cultivation and stewardship planning.

  • Monitoring.

  • Digital fundraising strategies and infrastructure

  • Policies and procedures.