Contrary to popular belief, 90% of the fundraising process does not involve asking. Planning provides you with essential building blocks whilst giving staff a common understanding of what is to be achieved and how.

Alchemy Fundraising Consultancy provides a systematic, user-friendly process with advice throughout. Amber will explain the process and involve staff to ensure everyone becomes an active part of the project. She can provide - or support you with - creating an achievable strategy helping you to reach your financial goals, grow and importantly, sustain income.

Alchemy Fundraising Consultancy will provide a balanced strategy containing:

  • Aim and objectives covering three to five years.

  • A full or partial audit including SWOT and other industry standard analyses.

  • Detailed case for support.

  • Key strategies for all relevant fundraising disciplines to mitigate financial risk.

  • Realistic recommendations based on the resources you have available.

  • Budget.

  • Cultivation and stewardship planning.

  • Monitoring.

Within the main strategy or as separate 'projects' Amber can provide:

  • Digital fundraising strategies.

  • Marketing research and positioning.

  • Support with digital and offline transaction infrastructure.

  • Fundraising policies and procedures.

  • Prospect research.

  • Specific project cases for support.

  • Donor development and/or recruitment strategies.