Many organisations do not invest as much into sustaining income as they do asking and planning. But it's key to securing sustainable income which grows with your charity's ambitions. 

Without good onward planning, strategies can become unachievable and support can dwindle.

Alchemy Fundraising Consultancy can not only help you raise the funds you need, but support you with the essential processes which should take place after funding has been secured, including:


  • Impact survey design and fulfilment. 
  • Focus groups and interviews.
  • Impact reporting processes and reviews.
  • Reporting to funders. 
  • Implementation of impact reporting opportunities into all aspects of your charity's communications.


  • Cash appeal performance analysis.
  • Supporter analysis including demographics and giving trends.
  • Specific campaign analysis reports. 
  • Marketing research.


  • Digital and offline stewardship plans.
  • Audience segmentation.
  • Supporter Journey.